Forever Logos is growing!

Forever Logos is proud to announce the addition of a new artist to its custom logo creating staff! Annie of the popular wedding site Perfect Postage has recently contributed numerous lovely wedding logos to our collection! I am not exaggerating when I say Annie is an incredibly wonderful, experienced and skilled designer and I am happy to welcome her to the team.

In Classic Logos we now have the following new designs on offer:

A selection of Classic Wedding Logos designed by Annie

So whether you are looking for a simple, solid, linear design or a curly, more elaborate and fancy design, we have something for you! And if you are looking for something a little more quirky or specific to your personal relationship and values, don’t miss the other new logo designs in the Fun, Nature, Vintage, and Destination categories!


About Colleen

Hi! I'm a self-taught graphic artist who also loves math, the outdoors, and pop science publications. I design special event, wedding, and professional logos.
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One Response to Forever Logos is growing!

  1. Nice blog post – love the wedding logos – such a nice touch to tie the wedding decor together.

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