Professional Logo: Wedding Florist Tracy Park

Tracy Park Business Logo

Forever Logos designed this professional logo for Tracy Park's wedding florals business.

Tracy Park, a florist in Michigan, asked Forever Logos to create a custom professional logo for her wedding florals business, Park Place Design. Tracy had all these professional pictures of her beautiful flowers from wedding photographers, and she wanted to put a logo on them to make her name stand out from the crowd!

We worked through several rounds of designs incorporating various fonts, floral and natural elements, until Tracy decided on one she loved. Tracy had this to say about the logos I designed for her:

“they are yummy!”


Tracy also helped us out tremendously by posting the logos I designed for her on her Facebook wall and mentioning our Facebook page. We’ve already had logo requests from two of her Facebook friends, also florists. Thanks so much, Tracy!

If you’re in the Michigan area and are looking for a florist, we cannot recommend Tracy more! She was a joy to work with and does absolutely gorgeous work. You can find out more at

To order your own business logo, get in touch with us at, or email me at


About Colleen

Hi! I'm a self-taught graphic artist who also loves math, the outdoors, and pop science publications. I design special event, wedding, and professional logos.
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2 Responses to Professional Logo: Wedding Florist Tracy Park

  1. Tracy says:

    What a nice write up.. Thank you.. and Thanks for the logo too.. Glad I could send you a couple of customers~

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