Professional Logo: Florist Linda Largent-Whitfield

Professional Logo for Linda Largent-Whitfield

Forever Logos designed this professional logo for Linda Largent-Whitfield's florals business.

Forever Logos would like to extend a big thank-you to Linda Largent-Whitfield for ordering a professional logo! Linda actually found about Forever Logos through Tracy Park, who previously ordered a logo from us and posted about it on facebook, where Linda saw it.

Linda is also a wedding florist, and wanted something fun and bold, in the style of Tracy’s logo, for use on the web and flower pictures. Linda lives in Mississippi, not far from New Orleans, so she wanted that bold and vibrant feel. I did several designs for Linda trying to capture that style, and worked with her until she was happy.

She couldn’t decide between yellow, her favorite color, and blue, a wedding-appropriate color, so I just did the same logo in both colors for her. Also, it turns out that the flower I picked to put on her logo was her favorite!

Linda had this to say about the logos we designed for her:

“Your work is excellent.”

“I love it!!!! In both colors!!”

If you’re in the Louisiana-Mississippi area and want more information on ordering wedding and event florals from Linda, visit Legacy Flowers! She’s so sweet and friendly, we highly recommend her!

To order your own business logo, get in touch with us at, or email me at


About Colleen

Hi! I'm a self-taught graphic artist who also loves math, the outdoors, and pop science publications. I design special event, wedding, and professional logos.
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2 Responses to Professional Logo: Florist Linda Largent-Whitfield

  1. these are gorgeous – I really like the blue one!

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