Sweet Wedding Logo Idea – Real Indian Wedding

I love this blog post I saw about an Indian wedding with a fantastic logo:

Ganesh Wedding Logo as a light

Ganesh Wedding Logo being used as a light.

As if the wonderful combination of sweeping script names with a stylized image of the Indian deity Ganesh wasn’t enough, the couple decided to use it for mood-setting lighting! The bright neon green is striking and vivid, and the round Chinese-style lanterns only fan the flame of charm.

We already featured the idea of using your logo as a light in a previous blog post. I just love this idea! Now I just have to get someone to do that with one of my logos…

(Image found on maharaniweddings.com.)

If you’re interested in a wedding logo, check us out at www.foreverlogos.com.)


About Colleen

Hi! I'm a self-taught graphic artist who also loves math, the outdoors, and pop science publications. I design special event, wedding, and professional logos.
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