How to design your own Wedding Logo – for free online

Video stills from the instructional video "How to Design a Wedding Logo" on youtube. From Forever Logos.

Video stills from the instructional video "How to Design a Wedding Logo" on youtube. From Forever Logos.

Did you know it was possible to create an elegant wedding logo online for free? You don’t need PowerPoint or Microsoft Word – just an internet connection. You might be surprised at just how easy and quick it is to make a professional-looking wedding logo, by yourself, without needing any special software. In the video below, I explain how:


Hi , I’m Colleen, owner of Forever Logos. Today I’m going to show you how you can create your own wedding logo, entirely over the internet, in less than five minutes. No PowerPoint is required; all you need is a browser and a vision, and you can end up with an elegant, professional-looking wedding logo. Just follow me…

Open up your browser, and go to a site called Aviary – that’s This site offers a lot of online editors. The one we’re going to use is called Vector Editor. I know it sounds scary, but it isn’t – it’s just another kind of image editor, one particularly suited to graphic design. Click “Launch Raven – Start a new creation”.

The editor may take a moment to load. In the meantime, you’ll want to think about what you want your wedding logo to look like. Are you going for classic, elegant sophistication, or do you want a more modern, contemporary, clean feel? Maybe, you’re a bride who likes the DIY look, and you want more of a hand-drawn feel. Whatever you choose, just make sure it reflects you and the feel of your wedding.

Today, I’m going to do a more script, classic-looking logo, because those tend to be pretty popular. Oh! – it’s ready.

Once the editor has loaded, click “create” to start your image. The first element I’m going to add here is the last initial. Click on T, for text, and choose a font. The font I’m going to use for this is called Beautiful Caps, a really nice, swirly font. Click it, and then click anywhere in the image, and type your letter. Today’s letter is the letter M.

Now click somewhere else in the image, so you’re not on that text layer anymore. And the next element that we’re going to add is the couple’s names. For that, I’m going to choose the font Trajan Pro. It’s just a nice, classic, serif, all-caps font. Click in the image again and type the names. Now, I think it looks nice if there’s a little extra spacing between the letters. So I’m going to go ahead and manually add spaces in here, putting a couple extra between the words. I think that looks nice. Now click out again.

The final element we’re going to add is the wedding date. For that, I like to use Bickham Pro – it’s just a really nice script font. Click on it, and then click in the image again. 1.12.2012 – sounds like a good day to me. Again, we’re going to add some extra spacing in between the characters.

Finally, we just want to resize and reposition the elements. Choose a different tool, the transform tool, which kind of looks like a mouse cursor. Now click on the M to select it, move it, and holding down shift, click one of the corner nodes, and drag it out to resize. Hold down shift so that it doesn’t get distorted. Next we’re going to move the couple’s names down and make them just a little bit bigger, holding down shift again. Finally, we’ll want to move the date into place. Make it a bit bigger and adjust the position a little bit. And I think that looks pretty good!

Once you’re happy with your logo, you’ll want to save it, of course. So go to File >> Export >> Export Bitmap. This will allow you to save it as a png, important because the png file format supports transparency, which allows you to place your logo over any color or patterned background you like. Click “Generate image”. It’s going to generate the image, and once it’s done that, you can download it to your hard drive. Put it somewhere on your computer where you can find it later – I’m just going to put mine on the desktop. Then click “Save”!

And there you have it – you’re done. A simple, clean, elegant wedding logo. In five minutes. Wasn’t that easy?

Wedding logo design for the "How to create a wedding logo" instructional video.


About Colleen

Hi! I'm a self-taught graphic artist who also loves math, the outdoors, and pop science publications. I design special event, wedding, and professional logos.
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